All Avalible Cocktail Shakers

All Avalible Cocktail Shakers

Any person who is a fan of Cocktails will be very familiar with having Cocktail Shakers available in their pub. There will come a time at your pub where that certain someone will mention having a long island Ice Tea or even a Strawberry Daiquiri. Nothing would be better than being able to pull out your Cocktail Shaker and design the perfect Cocktail for that certain Cocktail demanding guest. Listed below is a range of Cocktail Shakers to choose from, from the unique to the classic Stainless Steel.

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Cocktail Shaker with Recipes (400ml)

Shaken not stirred is a phrase we've all heard countless times in our lives. Hearing it has always g..

R265 Ex Tax: R230

Maraca Cocktail Shaker

Absolutely the most musical way to mix margaritas, martini's and other drinks. An elegant beechwood..

R297 Ex Tax: R258

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker (750ml)

This high quality stainless steel cocktail shaker is the perfect cocktail accessory for any bar. Wha..

R194 R167 Ex Tax: R145

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