Decant Your Liquids In A Safe Glass Jug

Decant Your Liquids In A Safe Glass Jug

For all those keen on having water, or better yet Sangria or punch available to their guests sitting at the pub. What better way to serve it than with these Branded Glassware products.

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Longchamp Jug and Tumblers (7 Pieces)

The Diamax Longchamp crystal collection comes with a 1.5 Litre Jug and 6 glasses each with a volume ..

R518 Ex Tax: R450

RCR Opera Crystal 7 Piece Whiskey Set

This seven-piece whiskey set is made of pure, lead-free Italian crystal imported from the glamorous ..

R774 Ex Tax: R673

RCR Opera Sherry Decanter

This crystal range features the classic diamond cut used on crystal for hundreds of years. It shows..

R440 Ex Tax: R383

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